Rafał Rutkowski

Rafał Rutkowski

Rafał Rutkowski theater, film and television actor. A graduate of the Acting Department of the Warsaw PWST. For over 26 years he has been performing on stages throughout Poland. He has been awarded many times for his theatrical roles. Artistic director of the independent theater group "Teatr Montownia". Permanently associated with the theaters of Krystyna Janda.

On TV, he is known for his TV series "Far from stretchers" and "Recipe for life". He created parodies of characters in the "Szymon Majewski Show". He has been running the "Comedy Club" program on the Comedy Central channel for several seasons.

At the cinema, you could watch him in the following films: "Jak się pozbyć cellulitu", "Och Karol 2", "Juliusz", "Zupa nic", "Bo we mnie jest seks", "Masz ci los" and many others.

A specialist in the one-man show genre, which he popularized in Poland. He has been co-creating the stand-up scene for several years. Known to the younger audience as the host, "Roast Friza", and also as the co-creator of the online sketch comedy, "Lotek i Rutek prezentują".

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